About Me

    Below you will find my career journey. It all boils down to my passion for developing quality and maximizing learning potential within the companies I work with. In my career journey, I embrace a challenge where every obstacle serves as an avenue to explore, gain valuable insights, and elevate my skills. My mindset of curiosity and growth has led me to develop a variety of tools that have helped me tackle any challenge I face.
    I take initiative and leverage my skills as an engineer and programmer to make my visions become reality. My contributions have resulted in:

1.    Engineered a tool for measuring the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) of both simulated and real-world images resulting in accurate calculations compared to Imatest calculations.

2.    Creation of a precision color measurement tool, utilizing the CIELAB color space, to ensure accurate and refined color assessment.

3.    Designed C++ modules employing object-oriented programming for motor speed-based controller vehicle systems ensuring international safety standards through PDO communication verification.

Please email me at tylervictorbowes@gmail.com with any inquiries you may have.

Work Experience 1


Pixel Optics Intern
Timeline: May 2023 - December 2023

• Utilized metric that determines the contrast and sharpness of an image (MTF/SFR) to collect MTF data from captured and simulated images.

• Developed methodology and tool to automate the extraction of MTF/SFR data for image sensor pixel arrays from captured images based on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 12233:2023 document that shows good match to professional organization's, Imatest, extracted MTF data of the same image.

• Thoroughly documented Python scripts along with a descriptive user manual providing Onsemi with further insight of the methodology used to obtain MTF/SFR from applying ISO 12233.

• Developed color analysis scripts to interchangeably transfer RGB color description data into the standardized CIELAB and CIEXYZ color spaces to evaluate and verify color consistency

Work Experience 2

Curtis Instruments, Inc.

Application Engineer Intern
Timeline: May 2022 - August 2022

• Developed C++ modules for motor speed-based controller vehicle systems using object-oriented programming.

• Created software utilizing PDO communication between CAN buses that verifies consistent and accurate transmissions within 100ms to meet new safety requirements for the international market.

• Developed forklift class to organize methods that perform specified mechanisms, utilizing the grouping solenoids.

• Designed flowcharts and produced unit tests for each program.

School Experience

Boise State University

Bachelor Computer Science Student
Timeline: September 2020 - May 2024

• Bachelor of Computer Science graduate (in May 2024) with expertise in key programming languages (Python, Java, and C), algorithms, and software development methodologies and workflows.

• In-depth understanding and application of Database implementation, Object-Oriented Design Patterns, and Natural Language Processing.

• Demonstrated ability to design and implement website using PHP, CSS, and javascript.